I just want to thank you for being here

I thank you for the opportunity

To search deep within me

To explore the depth of my soul

To discover my innermost passion

To pursue it with tenacity

Thank you for the lesson

That you have come to teach me

Thank you for taking me to places

I never knew existed

To places I completely forgot about

Thank you for reconnecting me with the child within

The innocent, happy, free, fearless child

Thank you for jolting me out of complacency

And to my better version

To strive to live from my highest self

To live from my soul

To once again reconnect with me

My dream,

My goal

My passion

And the honour to see me for who I am

Me in my being

My superpower

My presence

Thank you for nudging me out of my comastose self

Into my aspiring and inspiring self

That grants myself permission

To go after my dreams

With reckless abandon

Inspired to inspire

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