The next big barrier that came up during my workshop was “time”.
Is it lack of time or lack of time management?
We all have 24 hours in a day, right? And we all agree there won’t be enough time for ALL that we want, wish, or hope to do in one day.
So how do we go about managing time, as a possible barrier to Growing our Passion?
Should we just leave it to chance, or should we be more intentional about what needs to get done and when?
Charles Bruxton says and I quote, “You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it”.
When something is important enough, we make time for it. We schedule it. It won’t happen, just because we want or wish for it to happen.
We must be clear and intentional of the date (or day) and time, of what needs to be done. Only then, does it actually HAPPEN.
For those of us that wish there could be more than 24hours in one day (yes, some of us do), permit me to call your attention to the time we spend on social media.
If your time on social media is not for business, learning or some kind of income-generating endeavour, then, maybe, it calls for some reflection.
Could you possibly spend half of that time doing something for yourself? Pushing your life goals?
Each time you’re on social media, ask yourself If you are spending that time learning, getting inspiration for your goals, networking with destiny pushers, or just pushing other people’s life goals and socializing?
Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to spend time socializing on social media, but I’m saying spend your time wisely.
Use some of that time to grow yourself, your goals, your dreams, your passion. Let it be a learning moment, a growth opportunity, an intentional destiny-pushing and networking experience.
Social media is here to stay, Make it count!
This is just an example of what most of us spend time doing, there are many more.

I invite you to reflect.

What activities do you spend your time on?
Which of them are ‘time-stealers’?
Which ones are priorities?
Are your priorities on schedule?
What could you change to move you closer to your goals?

Too many questions? Okay.
Let’s keep it simple.

Want more time?
Make it!

Want growth?
Schedule it!

Are you ready?

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