If you can answer this question, you are close to finding your passion.

Last week, I reintroduced myself and gave a little sneak peek into what I’ve been up to.
I promised to share some of the gems and resources I’ve been using on my journey to “Growing my Passion.”
I’m calling it “From Passion To Business” series.

I pray it motivates you to reconnect to that child within: the innocent, happy, fearless, strong, energetic YOU … the YOU before the you!
I hope it touches you deeply and evokes some soul searching, which helps UNLOCK and RELEASE the awesomeness within!
I hope it strengthens you to find clarity and, most importantly, to take ACTION – action that spurs you on to serve and be served, to fill others and be filled, to inspire and be inspired, best of all, to live from your highest self, from your soul, your best life!
So, what exactly IS passion? What’s all the fuss about it?
I shared a poem earlier in one of blog posts to share with you, how I see the subject matter. Please look up and enjoy.
Let’s quickly check what the Collins Dictionary has to say about passion, shall we?

Here goes…
“Passion is a very strong feeling ABOUT something or a strong belief IN something”
Also from Collins…
“Passion usually implies a strong emotion that has an overpowering or compelling effect [his passions overcame his reason]; fervor, ardor both imply emotion of burning intensity, fervor suggesting a constant glow of feeling [religious fervor], and ardor, a restless, flamelike emotion [the ardors of youth]; ……”
Can you see what I see? Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Look again, reflect….
Within the essence of your passion, lies your freedom, your purpose, your servitude, your goal and gold-mine.
Imagine …
If you could find/acknowledge “your thing” (your passion)
If you could “work” it
Imagine the possibilities!!!

Dream it! Believe it!! Achieve it!!!
Are you ready?

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