What’s in the way of your growth?
The biggest for most of us is FEAR, I call it the “fear-factor”.
I understand this very well. I’ve been there.
Fear of all things fear-able…fear of failure, fear of people’s judgement, fear of not getting support from friends and family and the list goes on…….
What if I fail? But I’ll say to you…what if you win? ….you’ll never know if you don’t make the move.
The truth however is, there’s no such thing as “failure”.
In life, you “win” or you “learn”.
The events, situations or experiences we commonly term as “failure” are only learning opportunities that make us better. They give us more clarity, help us make better decisions, help us build on life experience and help us grow.
What would people say? Please let me ask you; “who are they”? Since when did “they” start to pay your bills or your children’s school fees?.
The point I’m making is, why do you care? By all means, be kind, respectful and helpful, but why care about their opinion of you and what you do if they are not financially responsible for your daily needs? Why give people so much power over you, your life and what you do with it?
Sometimes the reality is, there’s no “they” or it’s blown out of proportion in our mind.
Let’s assume “they” exist, have you ever considered that they probably don’t even “see” you. They sure have enough of their own problems to worry about.
What If “they” do actually have opinions about you, since when did that change the price of tomatoes in the market? Pardon my language.
Why does it bother you? Why so much?
Are “they” so important that they hold you back from what you really care about? Should their opinions carry so much weight on your progress?
If there’s real fear or concerns from those that truly care, real friends (yes, they still exist) and family, I sincerely invite you to listen, reflect and actively find ways to mitigate them.
You must never give up! Their concerns must not hold you back, instead should serve as a “torch-light” on your path to growth.
The people that “matter” would be happy to see you go after what you are passionate about, to see you grow with love and support along the way.
That sometimes is a litmus test for who they truly are; friends or foe.
Summary of the “fear-factor“ effect:
Reflect deeply on what fear really looks like for you.
If it’s in your imagination, let it go.
If there are real concerns, work actively through them, one after the other, but never stop.
Whichever rings true for you,
I urge you to “push-through” despite the fear,
to Do-it-Afraid because…
YOU are enough and you CAN do anything you put your MIND to.
Dream it!
Believe it!!
Achieve it!!!
Go smash that goal diamond!!!
Are you ready?

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