Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing a series on “Growing Your Passion”.

Last post, we delved into definition of the word “passion” and got a little “feel” of the concept.
Today……Let’s Start with Why?
Simon Sinek author of the book “Start with Why” states that….”to inspire starts with the clarity of why”
This brings me to why I do what I do and why I’m sharing this with you.
My biggest WHY is to inspire you, yes, YOU, to take that leap of faith, to embrace the greatness within you and be ALL that you can BE, doing what you love.
Now, why grow your passion?
Permit me to share from personal experience…
I am growing my passion as a lifelong career opportunity, as a means to serve my community and as a means to inspire other women.
It helps me fill my “cup” so I can fill others’.
Growing my passion reconnects me to the ME before the ‘me’.
It fills me with unbelievable amount of energy.It gives me joy and fulfilment.
It give me opportunity for an additional source of income.
It has connected me and continues to connect me with like minds, great minds and with people of immense drive to improve themselves.
It opens up my world to a myriad of opportunities. It’s connecting me and leading me to an even more purposeful living.
This, is what growing my passion had done for me.
Imagine what it can do for you too.
I would love for you to find and grow your passion as well.
It would give me great joy for you to feel the fulfilment and freedom that comes from embracing your passion, shinning your light and living your best life.

Would you?

Dream it!
Believe it!!
Achieve it!!!

Are you ready?

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