EMBRACE Your Passion….what does that even mean?😀

Embracing your passion is a start on the journey to creating wealth and developing a fulfilling career; quite desirable and rewarding  benefits.

But…… that’s not the core objective and it’s definitely not  all there’s to it.

Embracing your passion is primarily about “uncovering” that “part” of yourself that brings you complete JOY and FULFILMENT .

The part that got pushed aside, placed on the back burner and  buried under your long list of to-do’s.

Life happens! Yes! I know…..

BUT the good news is ….

Your passion remains strongly rooted within you…

No matter how long it’s been buried…

It’s there…

Waiting to be unleashed….

IF only you’d let it…..

Of course, it won’t happen overnight….

Of course, there’ll be “bumps” along the way…

Of course, there will, be self-doubt….

Hear this….

I organized my first workshop wondering, “Who will listen to me? Who will take me seriously? Who will pay to hear me talk? Who am I to “coach” anyone? What do I know?”

But I took that first step…

Pushed through the barriers…


NO more waiting!!!

I “embraced my passion”…

Alas! My workshop sold out 😀

Alas! People paid for it 😃

Alas! The testimonies were unbelievable 😃

Wow! I got referrals 😃

Wow! I got even more opportunities 😃

And, guess what? I held a second workshop a couple months later

People booked spaces even when they were not sure they could come 😃

More people requested the online version😃

I made money 😃

I impacted lives 😃

I am living a more purpose-driven life…

That’s what embracing your passion means to me…

Who says you can’t do the same?

If I can do it, you can do better!

You simply need to TRY!

Take that small, first step!

And the next….

Push through the barriers!

Do it Afraid!

So what are you waiting for?

GO on…!

Embrace the pearls..!

Unleash the diamonds…!Are you ready?😀

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