You are enough!!!⁣

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

You have amazing power⁣

Inside of You

There’s no one  like you⁣

You are unique⁣

⁣Don’t let no one hold you back⁣

Don’t let no pain⁣

Don’t let no past⁣

Don’t let no negative self-talk…⁣

Own all of YOU⁣

Your superpower…⁣

Dream ⁣

Believe ⁣

Step up⁣

Step forward ⁣

Take your place⁣

Take your power⁣

And Be ALL⁣

That you can BE⁣

With Him⁣

For Him⁣

For You⁣

For Now⁣

For Ever⁣






Yes, you can…⁣

Are you ready?⁣

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