As creatives, we spend a lot of time (and resources) on personal, career and business learnings.⁣

⁣We acquire knowledge from courses, research etc. We learn a lot, but sometimes fail to  spend  enough time on execution, to put to use, what we learn.

⁣The vast amount of information that is freely available on internet, coupled with a constant feeling of the NEED to keep learning, may bring untoward effects.⁣

⁣When we set out to learn, the objective, in most cases is for improvement or growth in one form or the other.⁣

⁣However, if we consistently fail to plan in, time (and resources) to take action, we may end up with information overload, overwhelm, fatigue and sometimes lack of direction.⁣

⁣A gentle reminder therefore…

It’s not what you know, but what you do with it.⁣

Set aside time today, to practise what you learn, to practise what you know.⁣ Only then, can you begin, to see the results, the growth, the development, that you seek. ⁣Be it, in your personal life or business.⁣

Go on!⁣ Book in time, to regularly take action on your learning and be sure to follow through.

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