🌺5 Easy Steps To monetize Your Passion/Knowledge/SKill⁣🌺

1- Clarify Your Gift

Be clear on the solution you bring. The solution you bring goes beyond the obvious. As a chef, the solution is more than the food. It is also the convenience, the time saved, the opportunity for more quality family time for your clients and so on.

2-Find Your Tribe

Know who you want to help. You can’t help everyone, even if you are selling air. Be absolutely clear on who your ideal client is, so you know where to find them, so you know where to rent your shop. Know their age-bracket, gender, likes and dislikes, so you can tailor your language of communication and solutions appropriately. If your target customers are teenagers, your language will be different from if they were working class women.

3-Decide on the Product.

How are you going to deliver your solution? Will it be physical products, digital or both? I highly encourage you create digital products for your business. The benefits are numerous. You create only one product and sell as many times as needed by clients. There’s no need for physical warehouse storage or transportation from one geographical location to another. Overall, very limited overhead costs. Work less, earn more.

4-Product Creation

Get to work and create. No matter how good your solution is, or how well you know your client, you cannot monetize (receive money for your solution) if you don’t actually create your solution. If we come to your shop , we need to find products to buy to be able to pay you. Are you creating products yourself (digital) or are you buying in bulk from a manufacturer (physical).

5-Market and Sell

Bring your products to your tribe. If your tribe don’t know what solution you bring (or sell) monetization is impossible. You have a fantastic product (solution) , you are clear on who your solution is for, but nobody knows, even your friends and family don’t know. So how’s monetization going to happen?

⁣There you have it.⁣

Believe it or not, there are people who need the solution you bring.⁣

So what are you waiting for?

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