⁣What will it take, to shine your light?⁣

⁣In, To, For, the World ?

Your light is a gift to You..⁣

⁣Letting it shine is a gift to Him⁣

⁣When you dare to shine your light , to share your ⁣

⁣journey, you ignite a spark, you inspire others ⁣

⁣Then, you shine even brighter…⁣

⁣So, beloved…⁣

What’s holding you? ⁣

⁣What are you waiting for?⁣

⁣Step Forward ⁣

⁣Step Up⁣

⁣Shine your LIGHT ⁣

⁣Shine so BRIGHT ⁣

⁣Like diamonds in the SKY⁣

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