Setting goals is one of the intellectual attributes of a healthy mind. As humans, we are wired to want more, be more and achieve more. It is no doubt therefore that, many times we set goals in other to achieve a desired result, but find it difficult to start and finish up.

Here are 7 mindset secret steps to fast track your goal and help you achieve that result you’ve always wanted;

1-Get Clear

You may never achieve what you truly desire in your life/career/business if you are not completely clear about what it is you really want.

Absolute clarity is a goal.


To reach your goals and aspirations, you need to have a positive mind. Our belief-mindset is an integral part of how we show up in life, for ourselves, our dream, our goals.

It is the foundation of the work that smashing your goals rests on.

If we work on our mind, and believe well enough, the journey becomes a little easier.

Want to smash your goals faster?

Work on your mind,   



In the validity of your dream/vision/goal

In the power of you, instilled by the divine power

In the process of learning and doing

In the power of consistency and persistence

Believe and the journey gets easier and a little faster.


Expressing (affirming) what you want, supports and encourages your mind to achieve it.

When you know what you really want, and then go ahead to confirm or repeat it to yourself, you are sending signals to your brain/mind/senses to seek out opportunities for making it happen.

Add it as part of your routine, and you would be pro-actively letting in positive, empowering thoughts that lead to positive actions and results.

Tap in, when you are feeling stressed, unmotivated or discouraged and a simple affirmation could help you get further along the way to smashing your goals.

Keep your affirmations simple, short and believable. Repeat as needed.

Write it. Say it. Think it. A matter of choice and place.

04- Simplify

 To simplify is to make easy, to reduce or break down to bare essentials. 

The more I simplify my goals, the better and easier it feels for me and as you can guess, the faster I can get there.

I aim to simplify in a way that feels easy and doable in the shortest time possible.

How? You may ask.

For example, say I want to achieve ‘A’

I ask myself, what do I need to do or what steps do I need to take to achieve ‘A’.

Let’s assume, my answer is A1, A2, A3 etc

Then I ask the same question for each of A1, A2 and A3 until I get to the simplest task/action that can be done in say 15-45 minutes.

This has helped me tremendously over time.

Ability to simplify allows me to eliminate the unnecessary steps so I can focus on the action that really ‘moves the needle’ for me.

It helps me eliminate overwhelm and limit chances of procrastination.

When I’m able to simplify my big goal, I feel more confident and enthusiastic to work on them.

When I think simple, I think doable.

How about you, do you like simple or complex?😀

05- Enjoy

Enjoy the process. Love the journey. Have fun.

The baby steps you take on your journey towards the big goal, are like mini results, small wins.

The action, no matter how small, is also a smashed goal in its own right.

Enjoy it. Celebrate it. Be proud of it. 

Be happy now. Don’t wait till ‘xyz’ to celebrate or enjoy. 

Think; “If I’m able to take the first step, it’s an achievement in itself and a sign that I’m capable of the second, the third and the next”. 

This one recipe helps you stay more in tune, more connected and a little more committed to go all the way.

So, beloved… 

Take that next step, enjoy and celebrate.


Quit the excuses 

You and I are responsible for we want to see, I know question like this may be going through your mind; What if I fail? But I’ll say to you…what if you win? Ditching thoughts like this out of your mind will go along way in making you forge ahead.


Focus on the goal

Starve the distractions 

Get set…


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