It’s me again your soul sister, Sherifah.

Last night I was thinking oh why am I doing this, somebody might be thinking, what am I trying to do and I have this message for that person. I am looking for somebody who desperately wants to do more. Somebody who has a dream, but is finding it difficult to believe in her dreams for so many reasons. She has been held back because of fear, because of what people might think, because of what people might say, because of lack of self confidence and so many other reasons. I have this message for you, you are enough, you are confident and your dreams are valid. Now that we have believed in being enough, what next?

Yes I know I am enough because that keeps me rooted in who I am despite the challenges that come my way. You have these dreams, wishes, aspirations that you desperately want to achieve but you have been held back by so many reasons, some of them I am not aware of. I want to remind you today that your dreams are valid despite all your challenges but they are only doable if you believe in it. You have to make a choice to believe in it. Some of what I am doing today and I have been able to do in the last few months is because I took a step to believe in myself. I am 100% convinced that whatever dream I have is doable and valid but of course it is not without taking the necessary steps. Are you really taking steps, things that moves the needle for you, things that are moving you closer to your goals or you are going to just stay in a bad emotional state, or you are going to stay stuck, or you are just going to be resentful of the fact that you are not able to achieve your dreams?

You and I know that there is a lot that you can do despite your limitations. Yes, I dare to say that despite your limitations. You are enough, you feel enough, you are confident, you have dreams and they are valid. So what next? You have to take action, you have to believe in it, you have to want it badly enough and you must be ready to take necessary actions. You cannot continue to give yourself excuses, procrastination, fear of what might be, fear of what could be, what if i fail?

But what if you fly?.
So I am encouraging you today to believe in your dreams and to take action till I see you next time.

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