You are unique!
You have a gift!

Don’t believe me?

Okay, I get it…

Do you have some knowledge, some experience or something you love doing?

      Did You Say Yes?

Then, you have a gift, and it’s all you need.
At least for a start…

So let me ask…

What’s stopping you from turning your 'gift' into a purpose driven online business?      A great means of impact, legacy and income?

Now, I know you may think starting a business requires being a genius, a big capital and a degree in Business Management, right?


And you are not alone with this mindset.

Truth is, times have changed.
Now, you don’t need any of that.

All you need is clarity, the right mindset and the know-how.

In today’s world, you can turn what you know, what you love doing and/or what you gained from experience into an income and impact generating business.

And I can bet you know at least one person doing this right now.

So, why not you?
Are you thinking.. ‘But how?’

Good question. All you need is:

  • Clarity: Once you’ve identified your monetizable ‘gift’, you need to clarify the problem it solves. Trust me, what you have has more value than you’ll ever know.C: Who can you help? Find them by understanding their needs, speaking their language and providing solutions
  • Mindset Reset: Obstacles always show up when we strive to step outside our comfort zone and it’s the same when you desire to build your gift to business brand. Recognizing these obstacles for what they are, and knowing how to prevent/resolve them will be your biggest asset.
  • Strategies: The step-by-step process laid out in a simple and easy to follow method will be your muscle for being in the game for the long haul. Choose your Social media platform and branding assets right, and put in structure for creating, marketing and selling products on repeat.
    And you’ll be on the way to monetizing your gift and building your very own profitable, impactful and purpose-driven online business.

Are you a career woman, an aspiring coach, consultant or entrepreneur?

Do you believe from the depth of your soul that you are capable of more?

Would you like to transform what you already have; your knowledge, skills, experience and/or passion into income? 

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About Me

My name is Sherifat Jinadu Olaogun.

I’m a mother of three, a wife, an author, and a Transformational Mindset & Business Coach.

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

However, I have lived and worked outside the shores of my birth country for over two decades.

I’m an avid reader, and I love all things motivational and personal development.

Speaking is my divine gift, coaching is my passion, mentoring and motivating people towards their life and business goals is my life-long mission.

After years of helping friends and colleagues behind the scene, I took the courage to practice what I preach, by launching my own coaching business.

With 15 years  experience of Pharmacy Business Management, merged with 10years of coaching/mentoring, I created a Signature ‘G.T.B.B’ Framework, with which I help career women position their expertise, build their brands, create visibility and build streams of income via coaching/consulting/online-course businesses.

We all have unique gifts, sometimes pushed behind by everyday life challenges. Our  gifts (knowledge, passion, skills etc) are our ‘gold-mine’, desperately waiting to be ‘tapped’ and expressed in its purest form. But first we must acknowledge and embrace all of who we are, shine our light and thrive in our awesomeness.

My mission is to see you feel the joy, fulfilment and freedom that comes from transforming what you already have (what you know, love and/or do) into a means of serving others while being served (paid) in return.


You’ve got all you need!

Right Here. Right Now.

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