The Shine Master

Aka...Sixty Days of Shine (S.O.S).
Show Up, Grow Your Brand Visibility

What is S.O.S all about?

S.O.S in summary is an A-Z Framework for visibility comprising...

Blueprint, Strategy, Direction, Action, Accountability, Support And More.

All rolled into one. All in 60 days

Sounds good?

Are you passionate about:

  • Increasing visibility for your brand and business?
  • Launching your personal brand?
  • Increasing your brand value?
  • Positioning for online sales and success?
  • Attracting a community of people who want your product/service?
  • Converting your followers to customers who trust you enough to pay?

  • Connecting with experts and business owners in your industry?

Are You Interested In:

Being heard and seen, but don’t know where to begin?

Having someone with experience who could answer questions about your brand/product/service but don’t know who?

Stepping fully into your gift, your passion, your knowledge and experience but not sure know how?

Helping others with what you know, but want to be served (paid) in return?

Making an impact, earning income and embracing purpose doing what you love?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the questions above, then this course is for you!

The Shine Master is for passionate career women, aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants and thought-leaders who want to embrace their gifts, shine their light and thrive in their awesomeness.

Women who have a message to share and want to impact their world .

The ‘Sixty Days Of Shine’  is a 60 day mentoring program that will equip you with access, clarity, strategy, support, community and network necessary for visibility so you can grow your brand/business.

This course will help you:

  1. Overcome limiting beliefs, so you can show up with authenticity
  2. Gain clarity about your unique value, so you can position right for success
  3. Show up with ease, so you can build a strong personal brand
  4. Craft your message, so you can connect with your tribe
  5. Clarify your mission, so you can attract potential clients
  6. Shine your light, so you can grow your brand awareness
  7. Be top of mind, so followers can become buyers
  8. Help you build your know, like and trust factor so you can monetize your gift

You and I know

Visibility is essential and cannot be pushed to the wayside, if one must build a successful business.

So, If you are not putting your business out there and shouting your message out loud, then no one else is going to do it for you. 

As the Founder and CEO of your business, you need to be your own brand voice and biggest ambassador

And it’s not about the number of courses or coaching programs you have paid for

It is not just about how much knowledge you have acquired

It is, about taking action on what you know

Personally, I struggled with showing up for a long time

After many years, learning and researching

Despite pursuing certification as a coach

Still I was afraid to be seen…

I was more comfortable in hiding

But deep down I knew I had to use my voice despite being afraid

I knew my message was too big to be ignored

I knew I would be doing injustice to people who needed me If I didn't show up

Still, I just could not.

I was stuck… 

In a perpetual cycle of fear, procrastination and confusion 

Until one day….

I decided enough was enough

I wanted different

It was now or never!

My power of choice kicked in

I joined a Bootcamp that had a singular goal of  visibility 

No tons of study lessons or hours of videos

Just pure, ruthless execution

Targeted solely on showing up, getting seen and heard

And that…. was the turning point for me

In that bootcamp…

I had just what I needed

A good mix of mentorship, support for execution and community 

And the result… priceless!

I stepped forward in my authenticity 

I used my voice in service

I attracted and impacted my tribe

And finally, I got the courage to monetize my gift

The rest, as they say, is history

Visibility can be hard and can sometimes feel overwhelming.

I know, because I’ve been there…

And that Is why I created this program

To help you overcome the exact same problems I had

To help you learn from my mistakes

So you don’t waste any more time being scared, overwhelmed, frustrated and confused 

So you can get over your fears and get inspired and empowered for action

So you can step forward in uniqueness, into your power

In this same program, I'm bringing to you on a platter of gold,

A mix of everything that created my magical transformation

Access to me, as your mentor, a proven strategy, awesome support, accountability and a plan…

And then, when you fully commit to the process

Magical transformation naturally becomes inevitable

I am just so sure of this, because I've done it for myself and others

This, is my goal for you on this program

Because you deserve to be all you wish for, shinning your light and thriving in your awesomeness

Since I got visible with my message

I haven’t looked back. It's been a beyond amazing ride. I have served and impacted tons of women,  grown an incredible community of women, as paid clients, as members in my private Facebook Group, as email subscribers, as followers on social media; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and now YouTube.

My social media content, blogs and  videos have impacted many across the globe. I’ve spoken on stages. I've received nominations and awards. I’ve created online courses and coaching programs. I’ve hired a team and have  built a money-making, visible online brand and business.

All this would not have been possible,

 If I had not invested in myself and dared to put myself out there.

Building visibility can be scary, I know...

But with mentorship, you get a push in the right direction, a brain to pick and an ear to listen. 

It would help you in no small way, to achieve the seemingly possible and in a short time too!


You have all you need, right here, right now

You just need to show up and make your dreams a reality.

If I can do it, so, can you!

  • In this mentoring program, you will learn :
  • From my  personal experience: my wins and my mistakes
  • From stories of people who have influenced/impacted my journey
  • How to show up with ease and confidence, even if you are a newbie
  • How to create a plan  of what to say when you show up
  • How to identify, resolve and prevent the limiting self-talks holding you back
  • How to gain clarity of the value you bring and who you can serve the most, right where you are
  • Skills that help you attract and connect with people who need you
  • Skills to  help you create intentional messaging so you can turn your followers to buyers
  • Skills to maximize social media tools, so you can show up with authenticity without the overwhelm
  • Beloved...

    The magic and the results you yearn for are waiting for you on the other side of fear. 

    You have to show up to get seen. 

    You have to get seen to get paid.

    The Sixty Days Of Shine course is going to help you do this and more. It will help you see what is possible even with fear. It will help to get your message, your brand and your business out into the world... 

    Enough with the  hiding! 

    And I’m here to support you...

    With my experience, strategies, a little push and some hard core action-taking drills 

    To help you and your business become more visible

    With the exact same strategies I used to build my brand and business as it is today!


    Are you ready to get out of your own way?

    Are you ready to be mentored through your fears and limiting beliefs? 

    Are you ready to gain clarity and show up to build a strong personal brand?

    If you are ready, then, delay no more

    Grab this unique opportunity to bring me on as your cheerleader

    On your journey of  visibility with ease, success

     These dreams of yours have taken the back-seat for far too long

    Enough with the hiding, 

    Take a bet on yourself

    Quit wondering if you deserve this

    I challenge you to believe in  your dreams and take real action towards it

    Hear what people have to say about

    Me and My coaching...

    “I always thought that people who regularly post content on social media do so to show off or just want to be relevant online. After being mentored by Sherifat, I have come to see that creating content online helps to build brand visibility that would end in sales. I also learnt that the end goal of any business is to make sales and that can be accomplished using social media as the right platform”

    Ijeoma Nwokocha 

    CEO Tasteville

    Mariya Collins


    “Sherifat’s Workshop was incredibly fun, engaging, and beneficial. It got me thinking outside the box. Got me to focus on my immediate goals and set up concrete steps to achieve them.  I look at my board every day to stay focused and motivated.  If you want to learn how to get "unstuck" in your life and move forward with your goals and dreams for your future, then I absolutely recommend this course for you!”



    Sherifat is skilled and passionate.  Her class was awesome and insightful. What I love most about the class was that it was not only succinct but also very engaging.  A big take-home lesson for me was: “You can achieve your purpose and goal.”

    It really got me thinking: “Woman!  You need to step up your game!”

    It was well packaged and worthwhile. I felt really encouraged.  I would recommend it to others.


    Lagos, Nigeria

    “Before working with Sherifat, I always thought that creating online posts  was good enough to create awareness of my products. Now, I have come to see that it is important to build engagement online. Reading other people's posts and making meaningful comments would increase my online visibility and thus translate to increased sales in the long run”

    Rasha Mohammed


    “Sherifat’s workshop was such an eye-opener!  It was motivating and empowering at the same time.  I really love how she explored the concept of passion.  I finished feeling very enthusiastic and energized.  If you want a change to happen in your life, you’ve got to start somewhere. This is WHERE!”

    "I’ve been a part of Sherifat's program and I must say, the support was top-notch.

    Sherifat through the program created an atmosphere that was encouraging, motivating and helped with my personal self discovery. The program helped hone my skills for getting results, but most of all, it fired up the passion to keep moving forward for even greater achievements.

    She offers great support and has a personal interest in your progress.

    I'm also a member of her private women-only community, a really  cool and inspiring platform where we feel a deep sense of sisterhood.

    You wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to work with her"

    Rasheedah Atinuke Dina

    Public Health Practitioner
    London, UK

    I didn't want the program to end

    "Sherifat's coaching program was an eye-opener for me. It was just what I needed . I particularly enjoyed meeting other sisters from different backgrounds and the sharing of ideas amongst us all. Sherifat is a very good and supportive coach and she can be very funny too.

    I finished off with a strong determination and belief I can achieve anything I set out to. The whole program, the tasks, the  Call To Actions and the coaching style all felt so good, I didn't want it to end.

    The sense of community gave me a sense of connection and in tune with my goals and plans. I look forward to the next program with her already"

    Ayishat Ajikobobi // Accountant & Financial Adviser, England, UK

    Step letting your fears limit you

    Sherifat encourages you to dig deep and ask yourself the questions that you might not want to answer, but NEED to, in order to grow your passion.  One very important lesson I learned was to “stop letting your fear limit you from doing what you love.”

    Nurah Yasin// Ontario 

    Hear what  coaches and experts are saying

    “Sherifat is a go-getter and is passionate about what she does.

    Her exceptional determination and motivation make her stand out.

    Sherifat through her work will teach you how to embrace and own the life of your dreams”.

    Dr Lola Ayangbayi // Professional editor and writing coach

    “Sherifat is a passionate person at heart and puts energy into her work. She is very warm, friendly, sees the best in others and is committed to giving her best.

    I would absolutely recommend Sherifat to upwardly mobile individuals who want to connect with their core and launch a profitable business around their passion, talents and gifts”

    Coach Temi Ajibewa //  Founder, She Ignites Africa

    "Sherifat is a creative, personable and 'driven' colleague (and sister) with great work ethics and inspiring focus.

    A life-long learner and teacher who is not afraid to ask for help and quick to offer it.

    Sherifat is motivational, helpful and caring in her words and ways, a practical problem solver.

    Her work personifies creativity, style, courage and consistency.On the fence about her services? What are you still waiting for?"

    Summayyah Sadiq-Ojibara // Psychotherapist, Lifecoach and Writer

    “Sherifat is a powerhouse of value, a big advocate of women believing in their dreams and taking action to achieve them.

    She has a unique ability to help you  clarify and transform your unique gifts (passion/skills) into a goldmine.

    Are you on the verge of quitting and need help? Sherifat is your go-to person. She will swing you back into control of your life and business

    Hafsoh Ameen-Ikoyi // LeadCoach @SlimFitU Solutions

    “Sherifat has an attractive personality with good work ethics.

    If you've you seen her social media activities, you will know her work is always motivating and inspiring.

    Sherifat is always optimistic, ready to help and friendly.

    Do you want to start a business or project?

    Then Sherifat is your Go-To Coach.

    She will help you stay accountable and motivate you to achieve your goals"

    Rashidat Adekeye // Business Coach /Royale Affairs Boss



    • 8 weeks of Strategic Visibility Mentoring ($499 value)
    • Weekly Review and Feedback ($399 value)
    • Bi-Weekly Live Tutorials ($399)
    • Content Creation Pdf Guide and Calendar ($49)
    • Mindset Reset Workbook ($19)
    • Ideal Client Guide Pdf ($29)
    • Engagement Checklist & Visibility Tracker ($49)
    • Branding Checklist Pdf ($19)
    • Community, Networking, Online Support (**Priceless!)

    TOTAL VALUE $1,524


    Fast Action Price $249

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