Are you a career woman, aspiring coach, a thought leader, entrepreneur or an aspiring course creator and you so much desire to make more impact in your 2022? Do you want to become one of the most sought after leaders in your industry?  Do you want to be a 6-7 figure earner by monetizing your knowledge and launching your own online business?  then this is for you!

Are you tired of building other people dreams, tired of being restricted by your 9-5, you want to be in control of your time and have freedom to be with your family, live your desired lifestyle and be financially free?

Listen, even if you know nothing about building an online business, The Gift to Business Mastery Course will take you from Scratch to Success!

Join women achievers like you who have joined this program and are making transformational changes in their businesses and people’s lives all over the world by monetizing their knowledge while earning 6-7figures doing the same.

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

Note: Additionally, during the program, you will be supported all through your journey and be with like minds like you, a community of women achievers where you can stay motivated in achieving your life goals.


Hello, I’m sherifat Olaogun an online Business Coach.

I have been in Business coaching officially for about 3 years and 7 unofficially

Being in business management for almost 15 years

I’m a Mentor with Women In Business (WimBIz)

Coaching Certification from Academy of Modern APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY,

Have 15 years of Business management experience.

I have built my own profitable online brand to what it is today.

I have attended many coaching programs and have been trained by many top experts and influencers in the coaching and online business world.

I have also gone on to train many women entrepreneurs. I have created several online courses and coaching programs.

Nurture an online community of women entrepreneurs.

Ran a lot of workshops, live in-person and online,

Being invited as a guest speaker in many top-notch women platforms and events.

All these experiences are what I’m going to be teaching you and pouring into you while holding your hands so that you will be able to replicate the same success and even more in your businesses as well.

Hear what coaches and experts are saying

What makes me confident to be your Coach?

I know how to help you get results. I will help you find support and a community that keeps you accountable.  I will help you identify and clarify your unique gifts(knowledge/passion/experience that are monetizable and how to package them into consult/coaching/courses that clients can pay for.

I will help you use social media in a way that’s purposeful and supports your brand vision. I will help you to be intentional about branding your business in a way that doesn’t cost a fortune, a way that resonates and connects you with your prospects. I will help you build a business that helps you gain more freedom of your time, more time with family, more time doing what you love without the overwhlem. I will help you use your knowledge to help others in a way that serves you and others as a means of impact and income.

"I’ve been a part of Sherifat's program and I must say, the support was top-notch. Sherifat through the program created an atmosphere that was encouraging, motivating and helped with my personal self discovery. The program helped hone my skills for getting results, but most of all, it fired up the passion to keep moving forward for even greater achievements. She offers great support and has a personal interest in your progress. I'm also a member of her private women-only community, a really cool and inspiring platform where we feel a deep sense of sisterhood. You wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to work with her"
Rasheedah Atinuke Dina
London, UK

Why you need to learn from me.

I have been in the exact same place of wanting financial freedom and doing what I love. I know the struggles. And I will help you from experience. You will learn from not just my wins but my mistakes as well. Will simplify your learning. Will enable you practice as you learn. Will support you. Will hold you accountable. Will motivate you to action. Will train you for 4 more weeks if you need it Will make your experience worth the time. Will help you get results. Will help you build confidence in your skills and overcome your limitations. Will share my journey and the  resources  that I used in building my own business, so you can just plug and play e.g branding swipe-files, content creation calendar, sales strategies and more

“Sherifat’s workshop was such an eye-opener! It was motivating and empowering at the same time. I really love how she explored the concept of passion. I finished feeling very enthusiastic and energized. If you want a change to happen in your life, you’ve got to start somewhere. This is WHERE!”
Rasha Mohammed
Pharmacist, Canada

Who you will become after this program

Total value of program $2999

Selling Price $999

Sales Price $799

Fast Action Price $599 ends 72hours after Launch

Sign up within 72hours and gets Bonus Courses worth $1499

The program starts in February.

Act now while it’s at its lowest price!


No, I believe you already know something other people don’t know which is enough for them to pay you for what you know.

Yes, The course will be accessible even after the mentorship period and a minimum of 1 year.

Yes, you will have access to all the resources that will make you thrive in your business.

Yes, we allow 2/3 time installment payment.

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