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The CanvaMaster course is a 4-week course for entrepreneurs and new coaches. The video modules, pdf documents and exercises help and guide you to create your own unique branding, graphic designs/templates and digital products to attract your tribe and expand your reach and income without stress or overwhelm.


The VisionMaster course – also known as SOS (sixty days of shine) is a 6-week mentorship program with emphasis on game-planning (goal-setting) for results. The course is an intensive action-packed experience with the sole purpose of making your goals and dream life so real and doable, you can’t wait to get started.


The OnlineCourseMaster is a 3-month course for course creators, coaches and educators who want to move from exchanging time for money to serving an unlimited global audience. We help you master the skills and tools needed to create the right content around your gift so that you can expand your reach and income stream.


The MasterYourGift course is a 4-month coaching program for passionate career women, aspiring coaches, authors and thought-leaders. It helps you master the business of your talent/passion, so you understand how to position yourself as an expert for success. The strategies taught help you earn from doing what you love.

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Work with me one on one, or in group coaching to help build a business around your passion, skill or expertise.

My coaching strategies help you make an impact, find purpose and create wealth, doing what you love. 

Together we work within a framework to help gain clarity, identify (and crush) limiting beliefs as well as empower you with tools for growth and success. To get started, sign up for one of my group coaching programs or book a complimentary, non-obligation consult.


My mentorship program is a more intensive experience. 

You and I work alongside, over a longer working time period, with focus on both long-term and short-term results for you. I provide you with strategies, tools, guidance and support to achieve pre-set goals. We put in place regular accountability and review check-ins to ensure we are on track.

To get started, sign up to my mentorship programs or book a free clarity session.


Speaking Engagements

My speaking topics aim to inspire change at deeper levels. Change that brings clarity of purpose, focus and drive to take necessary action.
I inspire my audience to self-belief and empower you with tools to go smash your personal and business goals.

My speaking topics include but not limited to
1- ‘Embrace Your Passion’
2- ‘Monetize Your Skills’
3- ‘Building A Thriving Online Business’

Want to invite me as a speaker at your next event, please use the booking form or email

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Corporate Capacity Building

We provide solution-based systems that identify blind spots, enhance team-building and foster greater productivity. Our training improves the impact and effectiveness of leaders and team members within the organization. We work with your businesses to establish a clear plan with principles and practices that enhance your ability to deliver on your company’s vision and mission statement, leading to improved communication, engagement and overall outcomes.

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