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Are you ready to embrace your passion, shine your light and monetize your skills? Then…

Welcome Diamond!

I’m excited to have you here.

My goal is to help you clarify the processes of connecting with (and embracing) your zone of genius, your unique gift (passion/talent/skill), simplifying your branding and messaging and helping you make an impact in a way that is purposeful and gets you paid.

So, how did I get here?

After several years of jumping into people’s inboxes, giving unsolicited advice about how women entrepreneurs can improve their marketing, how friends can turn their gifts into  businesses, how acquaintances can improve their business  reach and income with social media presence, I finally got the courage to practice what I preach.

If you are a passionate career woman, an aspiring coach, entrepreneur or thought-leader, It’ll be a great pleasure, to help you gain clarity, confidence and know-how on getting started (on your dream life), creating impact and income while doing what you love.


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What’s in your way?

What’s in the way of your growth? The biggest for most of us is FEAR, I call it the “fear-factor”. I understand this very well.

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