10 Digital Products; The Guide

I asked… You ‘yaaaayyyyed’😎 ***my term for ‘bring it on!’***  I delivered…⁣ Wondering what I’m talking about?😀⁣ ⁣Are you curious to know HOW to make your knowledge available As an online product that people can buy? ⁣Are you a coach, an entrepreneur, an educator, speaker,  health and wellness expert Are you keen to share your […]

Monetize your Gift; 5 easy steps

🌺5 Easy Steps To monetize Your Passion/Knowledge/SKill⁣🌺 1- Clarify Your Gift Be clear on the solution you bring. The solution you bring goes beyond the obvious. As a chef, the solution is more than the food. It is also the convenience, the time saved, the opportunity for more quality family time for your clients and […]

What would you do, if you were not afraid?

If you can answer this question, you are close to finding your passion. Last week, I reintroduced myself and gave a little sneak peek into what I’ve been up to. I promised to share some of the gems and resources I’ve been using on my journey to “Growing my Passion.” I’m calling it “From Passion […]