Execution over knowledge

As creatives, we spend a lot of time (and resources) on personal, career and business learnings.⁣ ⁣We acquire knowledge from courses, research etc. We learn a lot, but sometimes fail to  spend  enough time on execution, to put to use, what we learn. ⁣The vast amount of information that is freely available on internet, coupled […]

What will it take?

⁣Beloved, ⁣What will it take, to shine your light?⁣ ⁣In, To, For, the World ? Your light is a gift to You..⁣ ⁣Letting it shine is a gift to Him⁣ ⁣When you dare to shine your light , to share your ⁣ ⁣journey, you ignite a spark, you inspire others ⁣ ⁣Then, you shine even […]

Need More Time?

The next big barrier that came up during my workshop was “time”.Is it lack of time or lack of time management?We all have 24 hours in a day, right? And we all agree there won’t be enough time for ALL that we want, wish, or hope to do in one day.So how do we go […]

What’s in your way?

What’s in the way of your growth? The biggest for most of us is FEAR, I call it the “fear-factor”. I understand this very well. I’ve been there. Fear of all things fear-able…fear of failure, fear of people’s judgement, fear of not getting support from friends and family and the list goes on……. What if […]

Why Grow Your Passion?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing a series on “Growing Your Passion”. Last post, we delved into definition of the word “passion” and got a little “feel” of the concept. Today……Let’s Start with Why? Simon Sinek author of the book “Start with Why” states that….”to inspire starts with the clarity of why” […]

Dare To Dream !

Dare To Dream Dream is free Your dreams are valid Don’t let fear hold you back To dream is to imagine To dream is to believe It is to see the intangible The endless possibilities Dream Believe ⁣ ⁣You are enough Your dreams are valid Don’t let fear hold you back Release, unleash, Shine! Everything […]

Decision Time!

I finally decided to do this….been putting this off FOREVER, but now it’s time to step IN and STEP UP! My name is Sherifat Olaogun. I’m a mother of 3, a wife, a pharmacist, a (life and business) coach and an aspiring author. I enjoy reading, writing, cooking and all things motivational and personal development. […]

Passion, as I see it!

Passion A feeling so strong So undeniable So real Drives you to work Cannot be contained Pushes you on a journey A journey of reflection Of self-discovery Of soul searching Of mind unrest A pressing NEED To leap To serve To share To BE That’s my passion My take on the beauty, called passion. ****** […]

A letter to my obstacle

Hello, I just want to thank you for being here I thank you for the opportunity To search deep within me To explore the depth of my soul To discover my innermost passion To pursue it with tenacity Thank you for the lesson That you have come to teach me Thank you for taking me […]

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton